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The Haunting Life of Huntliegh Parrish

Out Now

Ghosts are real, and so are the ones who hunt them...

Huntliegh Parrish has one goal, and that's to take down Josiah Morcant, the ghost who killed her parents four years ago. She's spent most of her life learning about the world of spirits, and with the help of her psychic Aunt and her empath abilities, there's a chance she might win.

But her new home comes with complications: a normal life, and that both scares - and interests her - more than she'll admit. Especially when the boy next door, Weston, doesn't shy away from the strangeness that surrounds her.

But the threat of Morcant only grows, and she has until Halloween to defeat him, or she can say goodbye to that normal life forever...

A standalone perfect for fans of Supernatural and Ghost Whisperer, THE HAUNTING LIFE OF HUNTLIEGH PARRISH is story of revenge, grief, family, and more.


death of parents, injury to person, satanic ritual, discussion of those who have passed, serial killers, discussion of death, death on page

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