REVIEW: the book launch planner


The Book Launch Planner is probably every indie authors dream: it has resources, lists, explanations, how-to's, and a planner section with stickers - everything one might need to help kick start their self-publishing journey.

The different trackers and resources that make up this planner are a real help! Cover reveal templates, ideas for a blog tour, to-do lists, and more make up the first 50 pages of the planner.

Personally, I was most excited for the different resources that came with the planner, rather than the planner on its own. As someone who is new to publishing, there are things like blog-tours and street-teams that I don't fully understand, so having these resources right there are so, so helpful.

There are only a couple of things I would have personally liked to have seen with this planned:

1) An option to go without all the planner pages.

These pages span for a year, and I personally have no need to use all these pages. What would have been good to see was an option to have a planner with only the lists, that could potentially have up to 3-5 projects at once. I understand the business plan behind it, but there are probably many who don't plan on actually using the planner side of the book, and would rather have checklists, timelines, etc. The monthly pages are helpful, but as a bullet journal person, I don't have much of a need for a seperate planner.

2) More content, less planner pages.

There are some things the planner ended up lacking, like 'how to set up your Goodreads page', an ISBN tracker and how to go about setting that up, making sure your Ingramspark and KDP pages are set up, etc. Things that really help when launching your book (especially for the first time). What's in here is good, but I felt like there could have been some other pages dedicated to the nitty-gritty. It was one of the things that disappointed me with the planner.

Overall, I totally recommend getting one of these planners! If you find planners in general useful, and are struggling to keep all your book launch things together, then follow the link below to get your own planner.

Plus, you get stickers! Which is definitely a fun plus!

Order yours here:

^this is an affiliate link!

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