Quarter 3 Goals

It's quarter 3! Which means 3 months of new goals!

I have two major goals for this quarter:

1: Finalise TLPOC and get it ready to publish! By the end of September, I want to know that it's fully edited, proof-read, formatted, the lot, because I submit it in October to KDP, Ingram, etc. I also want to start sending ARCs out and drum up some excitement for the series.

2: Finish book 2 draft 2 and get some responses from my awesome and lovely CPs/Alpha readers! The first draft of book 2 was finished over 7 months ago and since then I've been in a serious rut. I started draft 2 with an outline and a huge plan, but even as I started, I realised I wasn't feeling it. I wasn't happy with the plot. Now, I'm going to pants the majority of the book, and see how well that goes!

Other than those two major goals, I have a read-a-thon I'm hoping to complete this month, and a whole lot of co-writing to do!

And... some blog post series to start!

I'll be continuing my 'adventures in pantsing', along with a new 'writing sequels' series, 'my publishing thoughts', and more! So keep an eye out!

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