My Struggles with Motivation

It'd been hard trying to come up with a post for today. It was supposed to be reading related, a review actually, but my reading has been all over the place for the last three months that I don't actually have anything to review.

Looking back on 2019, I feel like that was my year; my year for writing, for revision, for just about everything concerning my WIP. I wrote so much and accomplished so much more than I thought I would that coming into 2020 I hyped myself up for another great year, only to feel like I'm not accomplishing anything.

Which is totally wrong, because I've already done a lot. But not enough. And I think this thought process, where I believe that I'm not doing enough.

Sometimes I blame a burn out, which is entirely possible. I believe burnout is something we can all struggle with but I personally hate blaming that. Burning out as a creative, especially as a writer with mighty goals for the year, sucks.

But I also want to blame not having a routine. Since I finished university for the year, my entire routine has been out of whack. I thought it would be great! I mean, more time to write, more time to read, but as it turns out, having too much time is a bad thing. I think it's because I need to try new methods when planning my days maybe?

It's definitely frustrating. I have everything I want to do set up, everything I need to do planned, but I just can't make myself start or finish. I get sidetracked. I could use timers but even setting that up seems useless almost.

I will admit, however, that I am finding myself more motivated now to do things. Maybe it's because I'm starting to see some progress, or maybe because I'm enjoying what I'm doing again. I don't know. It could be the impending threat of University starting again.

I think one thing I have learned from this is that sometimes I need to push myself a little harder, and sometimes I just have to have a relaxing day. We've got to learn to care for ourselves.

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