Being A Co-Writer (part 2)

And we're back with another post on co-writing! I hope you guys enjoyed the last post, which I hope gave you some ideas and insights into what it's like to co-write a novel.

Co-writing can be as easy as it can be hard. If you find the wrong person, then you end up setting yourself up for disappointment. I've tried co-writing a couple of times with so many different people, and sometimes the stick for a while before departing, or other times you can go forever with hearing nothing and leave it at that.

So let's talk first about how to find a co-writer:

1. Wattpad

This is how we found each other. We both wrote on there, were both cover designers, and I think I met Dee because of a cover she'd made for me. One message from her asking for a co-writer led us to messaging back and forth, and soon, starting our first ever novel together, Ellasyna. With Wattpad being such a huge writing and reading community, there are probably so many people who would be interested. However, it can also mean getting let down, as co-writers can let you down.

2. Instagram

Instagram has a huge writing community, and there are so many people on there who would love to be a co-writer. I've heard it plenty of times. Start small. Make it known you're interested, and if people reciprocate the interest, start building the foundations of a relationship and a partnership. Discuss all the things you like, dislike, books you've read and haven't read. Then go into co-writing, discussing what it is that appeals to you, and see what it is you want to do with it.

3. Facebook

There are so many writers groups on Facebook, it's just a matter of finding the right one. There are perhaps groups on Facebook that cater just to this! Look for well known writers groups, make sure you read the rules, and perhaps start up a discussion about co-writing. Make sure to stay within group guidelines though! If you aren't sure if you can post, check with an Admin.

4. Writing Websites

Much like Wattpad, there are so many writing websites available to us today, there's bound to be someone on there who is just as interested as you about co-writing! Much like above, strike up a conversation about it or put it out into the universe that you're looking to try something new.

There are so many places to find someone just as interested in it as you. Find a platform where you're most comfortable, and put it out there that you'd like to meet someone (or someones!) to potentially co-write with.

Next post will be about how Dee and I work together! Stay tuned for more!

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