Adventures in Pantsing

For a long time, I thought I was exclusively a pantser. I liked the feeling the joy of starting a new story and seeing where it would take me without knowing the very next step.

And then I started outlining. I was hesitant to begin outlining, purely because my attempts at it had ended with my story turning to crap. Planning ruined the surprise, the thrill of writing, of learning about my characters in ways I had never expected before.

But I forced myself to learn outlining, and eventually I grew to enjoy it. I began to outline using Save The Cat! Writes a Novel, which helped me to really understand the key beats of a book.

Outlining isn't working for me anymore. I outlined book two in my Shadowland Saga, fast-drafted it, and re-outlined it again for draft two. But I started writing... and found myself less and less interested with the story I was telling. It wasn't working anymore.

So now I'm going to rewrite it, but instead of with an outline, I'm going to pants it. I brainstormed what I wanted to happen overall, but that's about as far as I have gotten. Now, it's all up to me (well, the characters, let's be real!) to figure out what happens in each chapter.

This next series of posts will be exactly as the title states: adventures in pantsing. Follow along as I attempt to pants the second book in my Shadowland Saga!

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