Writer. Reader. Dreamer


I've been creating stories since I was a kid, but it wasn't until I was 12 that I realised that being a writer was it - that's what I wanted to be.

It was at that age that I found my love for reading, and from there, writing. It started with my mum accidentally getting Richelle Mead's 'Vampire Academy', and telling me to read a chapter. If I didn't like it, she said she'd never tell me to read another book again (because I was a brat and I didn't find any interest in the books catered to my age-group). So, I took the book, and that night, I fell in love; with the story, with the characters, but most importantly, with the genre of YA Fantasy.

That's what I do now; I write YA and NA high, low, and urban fantasy. I write about worlds different to our own, because it was those worlds I enjoyed escaping into. Now, I'm a full-time Uni student, with the dream of becoming a successful author, and I'm going to accomplish that dream through self-publishing my debut novel!

My debut novel has been in the works for over 5 years; I have a horrible habit of starting books and never finishing them! Before this, I wrote maybe three complete (trash) novels that only ever saw the screens of Wattpad-ers before being taken down and lost to my horrible USB drive. But this is the novel that I want to see out in the world. 

I am also a co-writer, and my partner in crime is probably my oldest writing friend! We met on wattpad, and from there we've finished several books (many in different stages of drafting - some started and never finished!), and in the future we hope to eventually self-publish our work!


I grew up all over the place; I was born in Tasmania and spent maybe seven-eight years there, though never in the same house. In that time, to Victoria and Queensland and I think even to New South Wales within the first ten years of my life. When I was ten, we finally moved to Sydney, and then to a little town on the mid-north-coast of New South Wales where I fell in love with reading and writing. It was in that town that I finished primary and High School. I took a gap-year to work, and proceeded to move out and into my own place on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

I am currently doing my Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Creative Writing and Literary Studies. I'm also hoping to travel after graduation with a couple of friends I've met at uni in the future.